Portrait: The Maestro

As indicated by his name, the Maestro is a master. That is, if you ask him, he will admit, modestly, that he happens to be one of the best dancers of the area, suburbs included. Curiously, when he dances, this distinction is not visible to the naked eye, even aided by glasses. But one must not be persuaded by the opinions of the public-at-large. The best dancers are not those who stand out in the crowd. The Maestro, who is a very, very very good dancer, masters all known types of dance : which gives him, of course, the right to pass judgement on every dancer, and every type of dance – they might of course be good people, but none of them can measure up to the Maestro’s kneecap. Because he is a master, he gives classes, most often right smack dab in the middle of the dancefloor as the party advances at a feverish pitch, on the frequent occasions that his (unfortunate) partner has not carried out exactly the move that the Master’s impeccable lead should have indicated. Because he is very, very, very good, it often is the case that the Maestro is incapable of finding a partner of a sufficiently astronomical level which permits them to carry out exactly the move that the Maestro’s impeccable lead should have indicated. This forces the Maestro to stop brusquely in the middle of a pass to educate his partner on the move that he was attempting to make (had she only followed correctly). But, after all, he knows what he’s talking about, because, if you are attentive to his conversation, he was after all The founding father of all that is salsa. Contrary to most people, who were drawn to salsa by the festive atmosphere and to have a good time with their friends, the Maestro is on the floor for the competition, in a ceaseless search to find out who is best ; it will come as no surprise if I reveal to you that, in fact the best… is the Maestro.

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